Enrolment into Pre-K is considered as enrolment into the College through to Year Twelve. As a result, from 2020 it is anticipated that there will be only very limited places available for entry into Kindergarten.

Enrolment offers will be made following the meetings, which must be accepted or declined within fourteen days from the date of offer. Enrolment in Pre-K is secured with payment of a non-refundable acceptance fee as outlined in the Schedule of Fees and Charges published annually, and the return of a signed Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment. Applications after that time will be considered as vacancies arise and in order of date of application.

Enrolment interviews will be conducted the year before commencing Pre-K during which some simple questions and conversation will be conducted with you and your child as an indicator of their readiness for this program.

Tours of the Pre-K facilities will be available after opening in 2019.

Students commencing Pre-K at the start of the College year must turn four years old before 30th April. They must be toilet trained and be able to communicate clearly.

For more information please contact the College via email enrolments@rhac.nsw.edu.au or phone 02 8824 5844.