Teaching & Learning Framework

To be successful both within school and within the community, our students need to develop learning dispositions that equip them to meet and overcome new challenges.

Our teaching and learning programs are designed to build student capacity in six core competencies:


We aim for our students to possess a proactive stance towards learning. They demonstrate grit, tenacity and resilience. Empathy, compassion and integrity are central to how we engage with learning and with each other.


Our students are encouraged to develop a local, national and global perspective, to be committed to equity and wellbeing. They are encouraged to demonstrate a genuine interest in human and environmental sustainability and to solve ambiguous and complex problems, for the benefit of others.

Critical Thinking

Our students learn to evaluate information and arguments, to draw connections and identify patterns. They learn by experimenting, reflecting and taking action.


Our students are encouraged to ask questions, to pursue and express novel ideas and solutions. Fostering a spirit of entrepreneurialism, we encourage students to turn ideas into action.


Student voice and advocacy are valued across the College community. Our students deepen their understanding of how to engage and have a positive impact on diverse audiences.


Regular opportunities to learn with and from each other help students to develop interpersonal and team-related skills. Working interdependently, our students become skilled in managing team dynamics and challenges.