Plans for our College commenced in the late 1990’s. The north-west growth corridor was targeted by The Anglican Schools Corporation as a suitable location for a new low-fee Anglican school. Rapid and sustainable population growth in the area were the factors that led to a decision to establish a school at Rouse Hill.

Since then...

The appointment of the Foundation Principal, Mr Peter Fowler, took place in August 2001.

At this time, enrolments and staff appointments were able to take place for the commencement of the College on its current and now 23 acre site in February 2002.

Since opening, the College has seen steady growth with enrolments now over 1,600 students. As the site has grown with enrolments, extensive building work has been undertaken and will continue over the coming years to provide up to date and well-equipped facilities for our students.

The future is bright...

Mr Brett Hartley commenced as College Principal in 2022.

RHAC’s master plan includes a new three-storey, multi classroom building for the Senior School. Construction of this building will commence in 2023.