Welcome to
Junior School

An exciting time of learning and making friends
in a safe environment.

Care for ourselves, care for others, care for the world.

In Junior School we have a strong focus on academic achievement, Christian education, pastoral care, and social and emotional wellbeing.

The College values of character, care and courage through Christ underpin our teaching and learning programs.

Academic. Engaging. Caring.

Emphasising academic excellence, but complemented by a strong pastoral care program and a broad range of co-curricular offerings.

  • 770+

    Junior School students from Pre-K to Year 6. There are 5 classes in Kindergarten and Year 1, 4 classes in Year 2 and 3, and 3 classes in Year 4 to 6.

  • 5

    Foundations of the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities: confidence (academic, social), persistence, organisation, getting along, and emotional resilience.

  • 14

    Different Junior School musicals in the past including Annie Jr., The Lion King and Seussical:Horton Hears a Who!

  • 4

    State-of-the-art buildings for Junior School

“Our College Core Values are modelled on Luke 10:27: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind; and love others as much as you love yourself.’”
Luke 10:27

These values are explicitly taught and form part of the weekly teaching program.

As well as our College Core Values, the Australian designed ‘You Can Do It!’ Program has been embedded through our culture. The 'You Can Do It!' education’s core purpose is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including the five foundations:

  • Confidence (academic, social)
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Getting along
  • Emotional resilience
Learn deeply in a caring environment

Why Choose RHAC Junior School?

While academic growth and achievement is important to us,
we also value the development of students socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Well designed, expansive classrooms

These offer students a calm structured environment for explicit quality teaching while also providing flexibility for rich engagement, deep enquiry and collaborative learning.

Students learn our College Values

We teach students about Character, Care and Courage (the younger years' love interaction with our puppets) and look for opportunities to recognise and reward students who are exhibiting these values.

Technology and Specialised lessons

Students enjoy access to a range of technology to enhance their educational experience and also benefit from specialised lessons in music, drama, PE and the library.

Students love taking part in chapel

Each week they gather in the Chapel where they learn from the Bible, pray and sing songs together.

A wide range of individual skills and interests

As students progress, it is important that we nurture a wide range of individual skills and interests, that’s why we offer a broad range of extra curricular, sporting, music and leadership opportunities.

Play is also an important aspect

We have designated play spaces for children to imagine, explore and interact with others. Large rock climbing walls, amazing slides and open green spaces for them to run and play.