Prepared for life

The focus in Senior School is to provide a rich holistic education allowing students to develop new skills, cultivate interests and grow as young men and women.

All students are given the opportunity to undertake a balanced education with the opportunity to flourish in those areas where they are gifted, whether it be in academia, creative pursuits, performing arts or sport. It is our desire to provide an educational environment where students are able to be nurtured and cared for within a Christian framework.

Our desire is for all students to be known personally by our staff and for students to feel safe, supported and connected in the College community through the various pastoral structures and through the proactive welfare programs designed to promote wellbeing and a strong sense of self. Students are expected to treat each other with respect, apply themselves to their course of study, be involved In the diverse co-curricular program and engage meaningfully in the many aspects of College life.

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