Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care and student wellbeing is paramount in a students time at Rouse Hill Anglican College.

Our Pastoral Program

There are three different groups that combine to form the structure of our Pastoral Program:


Homerooms, consisting of a small group of students from the same Year Group meeting with their Homeroom teacher each day. In this meeting time, Homeroom teachers will check in with students and their general progress at school. In the Homeroom, students will spend time in conversation with other students in their Homerooom, students will have a devotional and prayer time, they will organise occasional fundraising events for a chosen charity and raise support for their Year Group sponsor child through Compassion.

Year Groups

Year groups, the Homeroom groups combine together for Year Group meetings and activities a few times each fortnight. During this time, Year Advisors and Homeroom teachers focus on issues and projects pertinent to the Year Group including; team building, study skills, goal setting, principles of cyber safety, positive and respectful relationships (including understanding consent), service projects, gender specific programs, and developing general wellbeing skills, including resilience, positive self-talk, mindfulness, prayer and social and emotional learning.

Vertical Groups

Vertical Groups are House based groups comprised of students from Years Seven to Nine and Ten to Twelve based in House groups. The Vertical Groups meet once each week. This meeting time allows for formal opportunities to enhance the interaction between students of different year cohorts and to provide further opportunities for leadership development for students across the College.

Student Expectations/Discipline

It is expected that all students and parents comply with and support College rules and expectations, which are founded in our College core values.

Failure to meet College expectations will result in consequences for students which are designed to help the student understand the reason for College expectations and take responsibility for their actions.

Bullying Prevention Policy

For detailed information on the College bullying policy please visit the Reports and Policies section of this website.

Students who feel that they have been bullied are to notify a staff member directly at the College by telephone or e-mail or in person access the College web page where there is a facility to report bullying communicate the details to the College by e-mailing

Report Bullying to RHAC

Student Acknowledgement

Acknowledging students is a fundamental part of learning and encouraging students to try new things, persevere and tackle unknown skills. Recognising students occurs in many ways and is an important part of our Senior School customs.

Teachers use verbal praise, positive comments in Student Handbooks and merits to encourage students in their class and homework. Students are further recognised for classroom and school achievements and deeds through the presentation of Merit Cards and Merit Awards in their Year Group meetings.

Assembly Awards

  • Gold Excellence Awards - a certificate recognising outstanding academic achievement
  • Silver Awards - a certificate recognising outstanding effort and achievement in curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Platinum Distinction Awards - blazer embroidery recognising three or more Gold Awards in a calendar year
  • Sapphire Award - blazer embroidery recognising outstanding contribution to an area of College life
  • Principal's List - a certificate recognising an outstanding level of application recorded in their Social Developments on Semester Reports

Presentation Night Awards

  • Academic Awards - certificates are presented for each subject area at Presentation Night to reflect student accomplishment, effort and application.
  • General Awards - certificates are also presented for improvement, outstanding application and citizenship.
  • Sporting Age Champions from all carnivals are awarded with trophies
  • Sporting Achievement - presented to a male and female student in Years Seven to Nine who has achieved at a high level in sport.
  • Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year – a trophy is presented to two students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in College sports.
  • House Trophies are awarded to the winning House for each of the carnivals and the overall winner of House events for the year.
  • Special Awards - a range of leadership, citizenship, all-rounder, commitment, academic achievement and outstanding student awards are presented.

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