While most students start with us in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Year 7, the College warmly welcomes enrolment applications from students in all year groups.

Enrolments and Waiting Lists

Steps to enrolment
  • Read our terms, conditions and fee schedule
  • Complete an enrolment application, which can be found on our website
  • The College will consider every application holistically and may offer an enrolment interview to the parents of applicants when a place is available
  • Parents who would like to enrol their child in Pre-K, Kindergarten or Year 7 are encouraged to submit an application at least two (2) years in advance

Enrolment in Pre K, Kindergarten and Year 7

Please note that RHAC usually has many more applications for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Year 7 than places available. Therefore, parents are strongly encouraged to enrol their children in RHAC’s Junior School as soon as a place becomes available.

Enrolment in Years 1-6 and 8-12

From time to time, a limited number of places become available in these year groups at various points during any given year. Prospective parents are strongly encouraged to apply for their child to start at RHAC as soon as a place becomes available and not wait until Year 7.

Students who enrol in a Pre-K program have guaranteed entry into Kindergarten. Students who are already a part of our Junior School in Year 6 are guaranteed entry into Year 7.

RHAC has an open enrolment policy. All College families are a valued part of our community, regardless of their world view or religious conviction. However, all RHAC students are expected to participate in Christian education lessons and other Christian based activities as determined by the College. RHAC nurtures and educates students in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.


Parents who would like to enrol their child in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Year 7 at RHAC are strongly advised to apply at least 2 years in advance.

The College will start assessing Year 7 applications, including offering enrolment interviews, at least 18 months in advance. Pre-K and Kindergarten applications will be considered approximately 12 months prior. The College is likely to have made all first round offers for Year 7 approximately 6 months in advance and first round offers for Pre-K and Kindergarten are likely to be sent approximately 3 months prior. Students who do not receive a first-round offer will remain on the waiting list. In our experience, a limited number of places do become available after the first round offers have been made.

Students who are not offered a place after the academic year commences remain on the waiting list and may be contacted if a place becomes available. This applies to all year groups.

Considering applications

All applications are considered holistically. Time on the waiting list is one, but not the only, consideration for determining who will be offered a place.

Other factors the College will consider when assessing an enrolment application include, although are not limited to,

  • The family’s commitment to working cooperatively with the College to educate and care for their child.
  • Parents and students being supportive of the College’s commitment to providing a Christian education. This Christian education is consistent with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church, Diocese of Sydney. Note: this does not mean that parents or students need to be Christians. RHAC warmly welcomes families from all cultures and religious backgrounds.
  • The attitude and effort of the student applying for enrolment. Students are not expected to be academically gifted; however, they are expected to study diligently and desire to achieve academically.


Families who would like to pursue the possibility of enrolment are asked to complete an online enrolment application.

After receiving an application, the College will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the application.
  2. Place the student on a waiting list.
  3. Begin offering enrolment interviews when vacancies are available.
  • Incomplete applications will not be offered an interview.
  • Because applications are considered holistically, a decision on who will be offered an interview will take a range of factors into account, not just the time an applicant has been on the waiting list.
  • An enrolment offer may be made after an interview.
  • An interview is not a guarantee of an offer.

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