Keeping parents and students in the loop

Years 7-10

The College provides communication and feedback to students and parents around achievement in assessment work that students are completing as part of their course requirements. The College utilises a reporting model which provides students and parents with greater feedback on individual tasks, utilising Edumate.

All subjects will now be providing written feedback on individual tasks which can be accessed by students and parents. Students will also have the opportunity to provide their own reflection on their performance on each task and the feedback that has been provided. This level of engagement will provide students and parents with regular and more relevant feedback on each task providing greater capacity for success in future tasks.

Continuous assessment will partially count towards the report grade for each student. The amount of continuous assessment that makes the report grade is variable depending on individual subjects and number of Summative Assessment tasks held in a semester.  Please refer to Edumate and this table when considering the construction of your child’s final report mark as it now encompasses both the Summative and Continuous Assessment Task results for the semester.

Benefits of Continuous Feedback

  • A more authentic reflection against student tasks. Students will be able to view the teacher’s feedback and then respond more directly to this.
  • Continuous Feedback is task orientated provided in real time when it is most needed.
  • Continuous Feedback is more meaningful to students and parents as it is on a granular task nature. It can be acted upon near to the task date not weeks afterwards.
  • Continuous Feedback increases communication with parents regarding their child’s progress as they are able to read the comments on both summative and continuous tasks

We encourage parents to engage frequently with student results on Edumate at the bottom of the student profile page.