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A wonderful and exciting time of investigating, exploring and
developing creativity through structured learning with play-based activities.

Prepared and equipped

Pre-K is an integrated part of the Junior School where students participate in a variety of programs which work towards the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Early Stage 1 outcomes and support the Early Years Learning Framework.

With Christ as the centre of all we do, students engage in learning opportunities to develop their social skills, early literacy and numeracy development, investigation of the world around them, through inquiry and play based and explicit learning opportunities.

Our Pre-K students investigate, explore, discover and wonder through interesting and engaging activities.

The Pre-K learning environment and experience is designed to make each child feel safe and secure, providing consistent school like routines and structures.

Starting out strong

Why Choose RHAC Pre-K?

Vibrant, colourful and flexible learning spaces

Large, open, collaborative learning spaces in modern purpose built facility give kids the best chance to learn.

A place just made for little people

We have large outdoor areas, including a fenced grass area to run, play and explore.

Self help areas encourage responsibility

Small sinks where children can wash their hands and help with the art area

Our smart technology enhances learning

We have state of the art presentation, dimming lights, accessible Smart Boards for teachers and children

Strong transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten at RHAC

Pre-K students join in chapel services and have their own library and music teacher.

Strong literacy and numeracy base

While Pre-K is big on discovery, the strong literacy and numeracy base lays a solid foundation for Kindergarten

Fun, enriching & engaging

A strong foundation of early literacy and numeracy skills to prepare your child for the move into Kindergarten

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    Two Pre-K programs: 3-Day Program from Monday to Wednesday, and a 2-Day Program on Thursday and Friday. Classes run from 9:15am to 3:00pm.

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    Spacious classrooms in a modern purpose built facility.

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    Of children have access to the latest technology including interactive whiteboards and iPads

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    Experienced teaching staff who create a warm and supportive environment

Facilities, community and teaching

The Pre-K facilities are located on College grounds but in a separate and dedicated learning area. Students are encouraged to investigate, explore and develop creativity to prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges of Junior School years.

Children will grow and develop in small classes in a modern purpose-built facility with access to the latest technology including interactive whiteboards and iPads.

Our Pre-K program seeks to provide a warm and supportive community where each child feels safe, nurtured and valued. Your child will be part of a Christian environment with an integrated Christian Education program.

Our experienced teaching staff have extensive knowledge and insight into Early Childhood Education providing open communication and partnership with parents. Children will grow and develop in this nurturing College environment leading to a smooth transition into our Kindergarten grade and beyond.

Our Pre-K Programs

The College runs two Pre-K programs; a 3 Day Program from Monday to Wednesday, and a 2 Day Program on Thursday and Friday.

Classes run from 9:15am to 3:00pm.