Parent Involvement

We love our parents! They help create our culture of quality relationships
with their serving attitude and willingness to engage.

You can make
a big difference.

Are you wanting to be a part of RHAC too? Do you have gifts and talents that you can serve others with? Do you love to be involved and make new friends? There are a whole stack of different opportunities to be involved as a parent... from Canteen, Cross Country races, Musical preparation, International Dinners, Book Fairs, Fundraisers, Cyber Safety, Carpark attending and more. See how you can connect with our children at College and build into their lives, the reward is something money cannot buy.

Powered by parents

Our parents our the primary educators of their kids, that's why we love it when then get involved in things at the College

  • 36+

    Opportunities to help out on campus

  • 910

    Willing and able parent volunteers

  • 44k

    44,000+ meals served by parent volunteers, and counting!

  • 90%

    of our parents are involved in a college activity