The College Technology program aims to support the development of skills in communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and digital citizenship.

Our Technology Program

Beginning in Early Stage 1, students use a range of different platforms to learn to engage respectfully with others, to critically evaluate research materials and to represent their learning in a variety of forms.

Effective management of devices is a skill our young people must develop as devices have become central to many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Through the Technology program, students learn to take responsibility for their interactions online, make safe and considered choices about access to online materials and to manage screen time and distractions.

Students will have access to internet-based resources, including the College Learning Management System “Canvas” and cloud-based storage through Google Drive. These tools allow teachers to assist students in developing independent, creative and collaborative learning skills. Students can also access electronic copies of their textbooks for many of their subjects, thus alleviating the need for students to carry heavy books to school. Using the electronic texts in Senior School will also provide students with the opportunity to make annotations and highlight text as they work in class. Students will also be able to easily engage with technology-based assessments and collaborate in groups on tasks.

The devices will supplement classroom teaching and use the power of the internet to enhance learning. While devices are available for Junior School students within the classroom, Senior School students are expected to have a laptop for school each day.