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Our Mission

Starting from humble beginnings in 2002, the College now educates over 1,600 students from 4-year-old children in our Pre-K program all the way through to Year 12.

The spacious grounds, including 2 sports ovals, and modern, well equipped buildings provide an ideal physical environment for students.

Rouse Hill Anglican College is a Christian learning community where students have the opportunity to learn about Jesus by studying the bible in Christian Education classes. Students also learn about the Christian faith in chapel and regular devotions.

Character, Care and Courage

Children are known and loved by teachers who are dedicated and perceptive.

Our teachers use their skills and wisdom to help students achieve strong academic results and advance the College’s three core values — Character, Care and Courage through Christ.

  • Encouraging and supporting students to be young people of character in thought, speech and action.
  • Providing academic, social, emotional and spiritual care for students
  • Guiding students to care for their peers and serve the wider community.
  • Fostering a culture of courage, where students celebrate their successes, learn from their mistakes, take risks and set goals to improve.

My vision for Rouse Hill Anglican College is to continue to be a united, Christian learning community committed to taking opportunities, serving and achieving.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the College or come along to one of our tours if you would like to find out more about us and life at the College.

Brett Hartley

Brett Hartley,

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Here are some common RHAC FAQ’s

Rouse Hill Anglican College (RHAC) accepts most of our new students in the following year groups:

  • Pre-K (3 and 4-year-old children)
  • Kindergarten
  • Year 7

From time to time, a limited number of places become available in other year groups each year. Waiting lists in other year groups are usually shorter than for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Year 7. Therefore, a family with a child in Year 2, for example, is encouraged to apply for entry into Year 2 or as soon as a place becomes available.

Students who enrol in a Pre-K program have guaranteed entry into Kindergarten. Students who are already a part of our Junior School in Year 6 are guaranteed entry into Year 7.

Because RHAC receives many more applications than positions available for Year 7 each year, parents are strongly advised to apply for their children to enrol in our Junior School (Pre-K to Year 6).

Rouse Hill Anglican College has an open enrolment policy. This means that families of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to enrol. However, as a condition of enrolment, parents are to be aware of, acknowledge and support the College's Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Philosophy of Education published on our Corporation’s website, www.tasc.nsw.edu.au; and support the goals, values, and Christian foundation and activities of the School.

Visit The Anglican School Corporation's website

Rouse Hill Anglican College offers a range of scholarships for entry each year into Year Seven and Year Eleven. Scholarships are awarded on merit and are granted at the Principal's discretion. Applications for Scholarship are open to both current and future students.

View available Scholarships

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