Christian Education

We teach a biblically based program as an integral part of the curriculum. We seek to develop students' spiritual awareness and inquiry, and we provide opportunities for an informed response to the claims of Christ. We encourage students to adopt personal values based on biblical teaching. We promote a culture of active service for others as a reflection of God’s love and compassion towards all people.


Chapel Services provide an opportunity for staff and students to gather to worship God, to learn about God and to pray to God. We hold Chapel services on a weekly basis across the College.

Christian Education Classes

The Christian Education Classes seek to teach students about God’s plan for His creation and His relationship with His people. The classes are taught through a structured program as part of the regular timetable. 

Daily Devotions

Devotions provide a daily opportunity to direct the focus of staff and students to God at the beginning of the day through a program of Bible reading and prayer.

Teaching Christianly

Teachers at the College are encouraged to live out their faith through attitude, word and actions; seeking to reflect Jesus Christ to students and their families. Teachers affirm the worth of all students as those who are created by God. God has equipped us with the ability to enjoy and explore His created world, and teachers encourage learning in all its educational, social and spiritual dimensions. Teachers respect individual differences and diverse ways of learning and encourage application to the search for, and commitment to, truth as essential for authentic learning and personal maturity.

Christian Fellowship Groups, CRU, Bible Study groups

Voluntary Christian groups meet weekly in the Junior School and Senior School to provide opportunities for fellowship and the development of Christian leadership. They are also an informal venue where students may make further inquiries into the Christian faith.

Active Service

Opportunities are provided within the College, in the local community and overseas for students to engage in service activities to demonstrate faith in action.

College Chaplains

The College has a full-time Senior School Chaplain and Junior School Chaplain. The Chaplains oversee the Christian Education and Chapel programs and also provide pastoral support to students, staff and families. Parents are welcome to contact the relevant Chaplain to discuss welfare and pastoral concerns.
The Senior School Chaplain position is partially funded under the Federal Government National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program and the College meets all reporting requirements under this program.