Opportunities for enrichment outside the framework of the curriculum exist across the College for students for all age groups.  At Rouse Hill Anglican College, a diverse range of co-curricular activities are offered to students in which they may elect to participate. These activities are a part of what makes the College a dynamic learning environment which seeks to develop student’s individual potential in a host of areas. The Co-curricular Program encompasses sport, creative and performing arts, technology, thinking and speaking activities, as well as leadership development and Christian groups, all of which are designed to motivate and enrich students beyond the classroom. These activities are an important part of College life and our holistic approach to education. Students are encouraged to explore new areas, find their passion and develop skills in teamwork and leadership.
We believe that each student is an individual with their own particular God given gifts. Co-curricular groups provide extended opportunities for students to discover and nurture these talents as well as succeed within their chosen field.
Co-curricular activities are undertaken at lunchtime or before or after school. Students are strongly encouraged to be involved in the program as this provides an important balance to the teaching program at the College, as well as allowing students to be fully involved in College life. 
Students electing to participate in co-curricular activities are expected to demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm, and care for others. Many of these activities provide students with opportunity to represent the College off-campus.