Mission and Values

Christian, caring and dynamic;

providing excellence in education, emphasising high academic standards and the development of individual potential.

Students at Rouse Hill Anglican College will be given an education that is relevant to the present and which also prepares them to become successful, contributing members and leaders of the community. Their education will equip them to accept responsibility, to take initiative and to show sensitivity to the needs of others. It will offer them stimulation to develop intellectual curiosity, to solve problems, to think creatively and logically and to work co-operatively.

College Values

Christianity is taught as the spiritual and moral basis of life, and students will be encouraged to adopt their own decision in coming to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The College encourages students and families to be involved in local community churches, where they will be given further opportunity to express their faith and to undertake and fully understand the sacraments. Students are required to conform to high standards of courtesy, public behaviour and the wearing of the College uniform. High uniform standards are enforced to promote self-respect and a sense of pride within the College community.

College Objectives


  • A strong, stable Christian ethos
  • A caring environment which values the individual
  • High achievement in traditional academic subjects
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Firm and fair discipline
  • Development of students with high ethical standards and self-discipline
  • Development of individual student potential
  • A balanced and full education with an emphasis on music and the arts
  • Character and leadership development

College Core Values

R – Respect, Responsibility

H – Honesty / Integrity

A – Attitude, Acceptance

C – Commitment, Care, Co-operation