Parents & Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is committed to:-
"connecting with the parents and the broader community to support staff in enhancing the students learning environment."
The P&F Association is a school-based organisation with membership open to parents, teachers and interested friends of the College community. Participation is valuable and beneficial for the College community overall. We are very grateful for the high level of support from parents and other members of the College community at P&F events.
The Parents and Friends Association meets on a regular basis to provide a forum for parents to support the activities of the College. Whilst fundraising is important to the P&F, it is not the only priority in joining together as a community, and equal time is given to both service and social events.
A sense of community grows when decision-making is shared in an atmosphere where each person is valued and diversity is respected.  Building community in schools involves creating caring relationships among all the partners; staff, students and parents. Student learning is enhanced when parents and schools work together. Everyone in the College community has the shared goal of achieving the best outcomes for all students.
The areas of responsibility of the P & F Association are:
  • Fundraising
  • Service
  • Social
  • Family Support
  • Working Bees
Elections are held each year for executive members of the association.
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