Pre-K is a school readiness for children the year before commencing Kindergarten. It is designed to provide a strong foundation of early literacy and numeracy skills to prepare your child for the move to Kindergarten.

The Pre-K program works towards Early Stage One outcomes across all curriculum areas set by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Students are introduced to the College through enriched, fun and engaging learning experiences as part of a school readiness program based on the College's Teaching and Learning Framework.

Thematic units will encourage experimentation, guided discovery of facts and a connection to the real world. Pre-K is a dynamic learning environment filled with investigation, and engaging opportunities for structured and self-directed play.

Our program provides a warm and supportive community where each child feels safe and nurtured, being a valued part of a Christian environment with an integrated Christian Education program.

  • Discovery learning

  • Literacy development

  • Numeracy development

  • Self-help and social skills